Monday, August 3, 2009

Swine Flu

Call it by any name! The fact remains that it is swine flu. Why are Malaysians so afraid of the word PIG? In the Quran (and in the Old Testament too) there is a verse forbidding Muslims from eating the flesh of pig, but there is no mention of hating the word pig or to hate the pigs. I think it’s about time calling the spades, spades. Anyway, that’s not what I want to write about. I would like to share that many of the students at my college have been quarantined because they are suspected of having the swine flu virus. Some of the lecturers are suspected too and they have been given a week off. I would love to get a week off without having the flu! These poor students have been placed in one of the vacant hostel blocks and they are being “guarded” by no other than our Mr. Bud. They must be bored to death (not literally, God forbid!).

They were playing somekind of board game


miss cloudy said...

salam akak..
it's not swine flu, n we msians r not afraid of d word pig...

Virus ini pd mulanya dikenali sebagai selesema babi (swine flu) kerana berdasarkan ujian awal makmal ia menunjukkan kebanyakan gen virus ini adalah sama seperti gen virus selesema babi yang berasal dari Amerika Utara.

Walau bagaimanapun kajian terperinci menunjukkan bahawa ia adalah sejenis virus baru yang berbeza dengan virus selesema babi sedia ada.

Life Goes On said...

Hi Miss Cloudy, Salam to you too. Thanks for your comment. I still prefer swine flu because H1N1 is a mouthful to pronounce. BTW, hope it will stop spreading soon. Take care.