Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to KPTM

Finally KPTM gets a new Chairman. He’s very young, vibrant, and energetic! Just the kind of leader KPTM needs. Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to meet with him and shared some of his ideas and plans which will be implemented soon. The one which interests me the most is his plan to get as many alumni as possible to have a gathering in Kuantan. What a coincidence! Right now I am in the middle of compiling the information from our alumni, especially those who graduated from the AAD program. If any of the alumni is reading this entry, I would like to say please give us your full support for this event. I really hope that this time around it will come true. Prior to this, I have tried to gather them twice! Unfortunately, for some unknown cosmic reason, both gatherings were canceled.

Besides getting a new Chairman, KPTM also gets its new bus. It’s about time! It was a sad moment to let go of our faithful “Bas Kunyit”. So, with the new year, new bus, and new leader, KPTM is ready to take on any challenge.

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