Monday, March 1, 2010

Water Soluble T-Shirt

Notice the holes on both sides of the shoulder area? That used to be filled with the water soluble black strips. Simply amazing!! I wonder what company made those shirts.
Last Wednesday (24 February), we had an AGM for our co-op. As an incentive, all members were givenRM5 mil (ooops, just RM5) each. Those who came early (yup, including yours truly) received another incentive in the form of a t-shirt. Since we do not get many incentives from our co-op, such trivial gifts made us feel proud and grateful (yes, we are the grateful bunch, not Grateful Dead). I was so excited to wear the t-shirt so as soon as I got home, I threw it into the washing machine and started a load of laundry. Later, when the machine was finished spinning, I noticed there were a lot of black pieces that looked similar to a piece of paper being washed, scattered all over the bathroom floor. I quickly checked the laundry and the first thought that entered my mind was, NAJLA or HANNAH. They must have put some piece of black paper or crayon in their pants pockets! After a very close check I noticed that the newly acquired t-shirt was completely torn at the places where black strips used to be. OMG! It is a water soluble t-shirt! Not to mention that all my white and light-colored clothes got stained by it! I thought only vitamins are water soluble. Boy, I learn new things everyday.

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