Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of Semester Party

I love surprises especially when it involves food! On the last day of our class meeting, my students from EOP section 34 gave me just that, a surprise end of semester party. In the beginning of the semester, everyone showed up on time but as time went by the trend started to change. At first only a few started showing up later than expected and then the number kept growing. So, on the last day, almost half of the class was late. I was wondering why and when I asked those who were in the class, they gave me the usual answer "they are on their way". Normally I would say something like " never mind, let's start and just ignore those who are late" or sometime it was harsher than that. Luckily on that particular day I didn't say anything harsh because later on I was told the reason they were late (mostly boys) because they were cooking! How sweet. Like I said, I am glad I didn't say anything bad because if I did I would have felt really terrible. They took time and great effort to actually make fried rice and curry puffs. Yes! Those boys made them! I was informed that Faisal made the curry puffs and Epi (Firdaus) made the fried rice. I am sure the others helped a lot too. Since the girls live on campus where they are prohibited from cooking, they couldn't cook anything but they provided drinks and I believe they bought a big brownie from the Secret Recipe too. Anyway, I was and still am very touched by their gesture. We had a blast on that day and you can see it through the following pictures. Thank you very much kids ;)

Above: the wonderful brownie
Epi's fried rice
Faisal's curry puffs
Syamil (our photographer) was busy taking pictures
Everyone was excited to get something
Look at Syamil, still busy taking pictures when everyone was going for food
Me, with the girls
Me, with the guys
The guys posing for a rugby magazine:)

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