Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Pied Piper of Happiness.

                Once upon a time there was a town called Boring. Everyone in the town never had anything fun to do. All they ever did was work, work, work and work. Later a kid said, “This town is so boring! There is nothing to do in this town. How about we call the Pied Piper of Happiness?” All of the kids agreed. Then the next day they all went to the house of the Pied Piper of Happiness.
       After a couple of days, the kids returned with the pied piper. They were all dancing! It was an amazing sight. All of their parents watched them dance. Then, one of the adults nearest to them started dancing. Then another one started to dance. Soon, the whole town started to dance!
       After a few hours of dancing and playing, the pied piper told everyone that he was leaving. “But, we are bored. We need you to play music for us so we can dance and play,” said one of the kids. But the pied piper assured them that they will never be bored if they can just find something different, new and interesting to do every day. And the pied piper was right.

       Not long after that, they changed the name of the town from the Boring town to the Dancing town and they were never, ever bored again


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