Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eid (Raya) Gathering at KPTM

More eating! Just when I thought I could be saved from stuffing my face, the College had arranged for the Raya gathering this morning. There were so many types of food - satay, soto, laksa, lemang and rendang, cakes, cookies, candies, and thank God some fruits too. While I was so busy talking and eating inside of the "hall" (actually it's a part of the library), I completely forgot to see what was going on outside of the library where the students' canopies were set up. I guess the students were happy because they didn't have to pay for lunch. From what I heard, the food was plenty at their canopies too. I hope, there will be no more gatherings with food until next year!
My Clan and the Director
The General Studies Group
The Engineering ClanMy Clan
Math and IT group
Some of the staff present


UMI JAH said...

terimakasih kerana nak berkongsi resepi dengan saya :)

Email saya :

Life Goes On said...

Sama-sama Ita. Sorry for a late reply. Saya dah cuba hantarkan resepi melalui email sebanyak 2 kali. Tapi dua2 kali failed! Betul ke email address tu atau saya yang tak begitu internet savvy:) camana ye nak contact Ita?

UMI JAH said...

Sorry Kak. Alamat emel yang betul ialah