Saturday, April 4, 2009


This blog has been dormant for many months after I finished my master’s program. Rather than letting it go to waste, I better start writing and publishing something. Since I have another blog dedicated specifically to my family events, I will use this blog to write topics which are not directly related to my family. As a start I will write about what happened at work yesterday (Friday 3 April 2009).

I have been under a bit of pressure at work lately. I guess it’s due to the fact that I can not really concentrate on my main duty which is processing new applicants for this May 2009 session because I have been busy with matters pertaining to students’ loans. As usual when it’s close to final exams, many students will come to get my verification whether they have received their loan or other wise. It’s not a difficult task but very time consuming plus I have to entertain telephone inquiries from candidates or parents who want to know about programs offered at our college. Worse, I have to deal with frustrated and angry parents who blame me or my unit for the failure of their children’s loan applications. On top of that I had to attend meetings which take up a lot of my time which could have been used to process all the new applications.

I guess I should have discussed the matter with my bosses but I thought that would reflect on my incapability of dealing with my own problems. Boy, was I wrong! I should have asked for help instead of keeping the problems to myself and I finally burst! I guess I am only human.

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