Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weight Lifting & Osteoporosis

I read an article on osteoporosis in the newspaper today. The bad news is that women have 3 times more chances in getting it after menopause but the good news is it can be prevented by consuming enough calcium rich food and engaging in exercises which involve weight lifting. That makes me more motivated to continue going to the gym. My favorite machine is the one pictured above. I can do a lot of exercises with this particular machine so I don't have to move from one to another. I hope I will stay active "forever"


dith said...

Do they have such machines here in Kuantan? <---sorry for the skeptical note, :p

Life Goes On said...

Hi Dith (May I know who you are),

Yes they do have this machine. Come over to the gym in Sg Isap, K.M. 8 Jalan Gambang.