Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AGRO Bazar

It was Sunday the 13th of September. Suddenly we realized that we had exactly one week before Raya. That was the best available time to do our Raya shopping because we hadn't bought any clothes for the kids yet. We went to a shop near Parkson building and bought each one of us a "baju Melayu" and "baju kurung". After that we walked to Parkson to get some pants for the kids. On the way to Parkson I saw a stall selling halal products mainly produced by cottage industries around the region. There were so many of them, beautifully packed, and tasted so yummy. Now that we are provided with halal alternatives, I would like to invite all Muslim friends and readers around Kuantan to shop at this stall. If we do not support them who else will?


uji said...

oh yes, agree with you 100% on this. Kalau kat KL x ada ke?

Life Goes On said...

Salam Uji, not sure about KL, perhaps you could contact FAMA and ask. If a smaller place like Kuantan has it, a big city like KL should have one also. I live in Kuantan. "See you again".