Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bidet and Squat Loo

When I first walked into Bangsar Shopping Center, I thought I was in a “Mat Salleh’s” country. There were so many of them around that you can easily have mistaken the place as Dallas or Toronto. Since the place has many western customers, the toilets are also westerner-friendly. There are more sitting toilets as compared to the squat type. Of course they do not provide any hose for water but instead they provided bidet. Personally, I think seated toilets are suitable with bidet but definitely not with the squat ones. On top of that, the squat holes which are available are the kind with water in it. Just imagine someone with a severe diarrhea using it every thing will be splattering around you-know-what! Wouldn’t that be a nuisance for practicing Muslim like me to pray afterwards with “najis” on my body? Washing it thoroughly is already out of a question because there are no water hoses!

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