Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was shocked when I read an article about a demand that was made by a country to pay its citizen RM800 a month as a maid in Malaysia. Not only that, these maids are required to be given a day off and they must be provided with health insurance (even some of their employers do not own health insurance). I think, with this kind of provision, some of our single mothers would be willing to work as maids. I believe at some organizations in Malaysia, even clerks get a mere 600 – 700 Ringgits as their starting salary. In my personal opinion maids are not entitled for a complete day off. When we work in the office, school, factory, etc. from Monday until Friday or Saturday, we still have to work at home on our off days. I can understand why those foreign workers who are working in construction companies, restaurants, gas stations, and plantations should be given a day or two off in a week because they are staying in their “own” place. But in the case of maids, where would they go on their days off? Where would they eat? What would they do? Do the employers have to cook and serve them when they get back from shopping with their buddies?

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