Friday, September 4, 2009

The Great Wall Of KPTM

The Front Entrance

I was wondering why there were cement mixing machine and mountains of sand near the entrance of the College. The puzzle was solved as soon as I saw the poles being erected along the site where the old fence used to be. The College is in the process of building The Great Wall of KPTM! It should have been built a long time ago but I guess the College didn’t have the right amount of extra dough to burn. Ever since I can remember the fence has been vandalized by the raging- hormone occupants of the hostels who were too lazy to walk an extra meter to the gate. Every time a hole is fixed a new one will appear. It’s a losing battle and definitely an administrator’s nightmare! So we have many holes around the College which are really ugly to look at. Most of the time students use those holes to get to the nearby restaurants at meal times or to get in and out after “curfew” hours (between 11pm and 7am). As much as I hate seeing it and being surrounded by the prison-like wall, I think the decision to build it is helpful in solving the problem. When I was traveling in Mexico, I saw many houses were surrounded by high walls and they put broken pieces of glass at the top of the walls. I supposed to prevent intruders from climbing up their fortresses. I wonder if the College should do the same. Hmm… it would be interesting to see people’s reaction to that.

God willing, when the wall is complete, I will try to post another entry.

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