Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In the Dark

15 Jan. 2008 - It is always hard for me to accept why some students enjoy cutting their classes. I hate doing it because sometimes students have different understanding and perception on what was delivered in the class. By right if they don’t understand what was said they should have asked the lecturer to clarify until it is crystal clear to them. But that would be too much to ask from my classmates. I am rambling for a good reason (at least to me..). I am sad and frustrated because I missed the very first session of this class. I was probably somewhere in the sky between Japan and Singapore when the class started. The next day which was Sunday, I rushed to the Vistana Hotel right after I got off the plane, just to be told that the class was cancelled. By then I was even more frustrated and sadder because I had missed a third of a semesters worth of learning.

Later I contacted a few classmates trying to figure out what assignment I had to do. To my surprised I got as many different answers as the number of people I contacted, ranging from not much, to just prepare your e-portfolio, to not sure. Why on earth didn’t they ask the lecturer? So I calmed myself by saying that I had plenty of time to find out the truth. Being a not so computer savvy person, the thought of developing my own e-portfolio was somewhat scary and intimidating. Then, someone told me to go online and check an e-portfolio by someone named Harold Poong. I thought to myself, hmm.. at least that is something to begin with. I tried so many times to get into it but always to no avail. Finally, I figured out that the url address given to me was wrong!

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