Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Surfing Time

7 Feb 2008 - I think I must start surfing. That’s what Harold told me to do. He said “You have to explore freewebs and get used to the features provided”. So, while feeling bored during my lunch break, I logged onto the site and it looked interesting but I was sort of overwhelmed by it. “Where do I start?”, I kept asking myself. Then I braved myself by trying to register my name first. Then I chose several pages which I wanted to include in my e-portfolio. Like I said earlier, I am not teaching, I am an administrator at a private college. I think as a start, I am going to create 9 pages namely home, personal details, qualifications and experience, TESL involvement (however little that is), my blog, photo album, links, contact me, and guestbook.. For a novice like me, even 9 pages is plenty

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